Dubber is a profession that began more or less known to the public since the 90’s, precisely when the Indonesian television industry was flooded by the Films production overseas up to work domestic production had decreased dramatically. The positive impact is the emerging of Production House which concentrates in the field of voice-over until the Dubbers and education to be professional dubber sprung. For example: Sanggar Prathivi. In this place, not only accept the order of dubbing for TV program and commercial, but also provide a training or learning for people who want try to dubb. Of course, dubber already can be an alternative as a profession.

            Before I tell you what dubber is exactly, I would like to tell you what dubbing is. Dubbing is the process to convert the foreign language into traditional language. So, dubber is the person who is doing the process of dubbing. Without them, we don’t understand what the movie talks about. Can you imagine that? Then, the question will appear on our head, "how to be a dubber?" Being a dubber is not easy. Because you need to have some points to be a dubber but if you serious and excited to do that, it could be one great profession that you have.

            In this time, I'd like to tell you, shortly, some things that you need to be a dubber: First, you have to interest in dubbing. Second, Imaginative. Because, sometime dubber untold by PD (Pengarah Dialog) what kind of the character that they will dub or act or play. Third, when someone desires to be a Dubber, h/s had better know or learn to act. Why? Because the basic to be a dubber is very influenced by the skill in acting, for example: breathing, concentration, intonation and many more. Fourth, due to the voice is important to dubb a movie, you have to brave to change your voice to other kind of voice. The last, you need to have a high desire to learn. Because by learning continually makes your collection of voice will be more colorful. Actually, I still have some information about that, but those things are important to know if you want to be a dubber.

            From the explanation above, don’t you have interested to be a dubber?  In my opinion, dubber is one of great profession. But, if you are not interest about that, please try to appreciate them right now. Cause if you know how exhaustion they were dubbing one movie, probably you will like and appreciate them very much. 

Thank you for reading friends ^^

Re-type by Andrianakudo
Based on
Source: Doc D&F

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